Not really much to tell….unless you read my posts :)

There is no real theme to this blog either, just, my thoughts shared honestly. Somedays I might be moved enough to write about something really profound and, on others, I might just write about something ordinary like people opening doors for others. This won’t be a day to day account of my life either but props to those who do because it takes a lot of work and, frankly, I don’t live an exciting enough life for that. My life is only good for 1  post a week : ) which I’m aiming for Saturday.

What this will be is my thoughts shared to you. I know, I know…how exciting can that be right? But, hey, I promise to try my best to “excite” you. I haven’t figured out how….but we’ll somehow get there. Although, in reality, I probably wont…oh well.

Hopefully you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it



8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! Its jillian from ladylikewithatwist. Thanks for the comments on my blog, and i look forward to reading yours. I subscribed!

  2. hey there..
    thank you for the like. im elated by such act. well, your the very first fella brave enough (hehehe) to like a post of mine, so kudos to you. (LOL)
    have read some of your writings; I can see so much of me in you. It’s weird, like a deja vu. I’ve been there, that juncture you just wanna be free but you can’t. Hmmm…i will give no advice on how to tread those dirty, bumpy roads..coz as you have said it, you have your own faculties capable to decide of how to cherish or neglect life and its beauty.
    we live in such a cruel world, but people differ in seeing its extremities.


  3. hey… thanks for commenting on my blog 🙂
    i really appreciate your encouragement… i really do. keeps me fighting in the hard times 😉
    good blog btw! enjoyed reading it. full of openness and honesty.
    continue writing!!

    😀 iggs

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